A Straight Guy Who Likes Strap-On Anal Sex. Is It Normal?

Hello girls. I'm a 27 years old straight guy who is attracted by women, but i have always liked to have something up in my butt. I've never have the courage to let my girlfriends know about my passion and I've never did a strap-on sex with a women, but i'll love to. I'm from Bulgaria and people here are very conservative, so I've never shared my secret with anyone, because they all think that if you like to be ****** in the *** than you're a gay, but i'm not! Never been attracted to men and i'll never be! I'm really confused about this and I would love to hear some women opinion about it and of course i would like to hear if there are women that like to play with guys anal.

Thank you for your time and wish you all the best :)
nivanov86 nivanov86
31-35, M
3 Responses Aug 30, 2013

The same to me i dont like man but like buttplay, its normal, its very pleasurable! Don't worry! Just go with it, and if people are conservative... They don't need to know! When you have the right girl she will understand

I don't think i will feel comfortable to know that i have a real mans **** in my ***. As i mentioned i've never been attracted to men, but to know that a women is playing with my *** is the real deal :)

If a girl with a dominant tendency wants to **** you with a strap-on, ok, but it seems to me that you must be bi, like a number of us. Why have a piece of plastic in your *** when you can be ****** by a warm ****? If you're afraid to be even mildly "gay" do it as part of a ********* with a bisexual guy, your gf can prepare your anus and guide his **** to it, and watch the *******. Most women get completely wild watching their lover(s) get ****** by another ****. Plus they get to play with four balls instead of two, which they really enjoy. I'm bottom with males and dominant with females, and this has always worked perfectly.