I was at my company picnic a few weeks ago, and someone brought the game cornhole. I have always known it as the bean bag toss game, so the name cracked me up. So my wife and I were out shopping this weekend at Michael's, and saw that game on the shelf. I told her about the name cornhole, and she started making wise cracks about it because that's our pet name for anal sex. And my wife really likes anal sex, so I teased her about buying some body paints and making a bullseye around her anus for target practice later. She dared me, betting I couldn't find the paint. But I did, it took a while, but I found blue and red. After our daughter went to bed later, we showered up and she got on the bed on all fours. She is so sweet, she let me paint a nice bullseye about 6 inches around her rectum. We let the paint dry, and I smeared lube on my hardon and pushed my lubed up finger inside her rectum. After finger ******* her for a few minutes, I lined up my arrow and pushed inside. We go very slow and gentle, then build up the pace. When I **** her in the ***, I don't plow like a maniac, I like to hold her hips and go slow, pulling all the way to the edge before popping out, then stroking in balls deep. She is so tight, I dont last more than about 10 minutes before I squirt my load deep in her bowels.
gmcgovern47 gmcgovern47 46-50, M 6 Responses Sep 9, 2013

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That is GREAT! Sex, especially Anal can be FUN! :)

thats a hard nut


sweet wife

fun times

Fantastic story. women who like anal sex are by far the best women to have in your life.

I don't like the feel of anal, but I love it when a guy is really getting off in my ***. How does that rate me?

That rates you as wonderful, ljdtbdui!

That rates you as a desireable woman