The Wife and Her First Anal...

We have been married for 21 years now and she is my best friend and love. We have  a great sex life and we wanted to try somthing new..evertime we would get close she would get scared. So what i did is start by giving her a rim job....she would go nuts......then put one finger in then two....then one night i got up in the middle of the night and started to play with her ***** and butt.....she started moaning and moving as i played with her ***** and arse...soon i was putting 2 fingers in her arse and one in her *****....she was rid'en my finger like a mad woman...she jumps up as says "**** my ***" I just about dropped my load right there...I slowly slip my **** in and start slow...she started to play with her ***** and i was pinching her ****...she was starting to shutter. I pulled my **** out and put it in her face and said" If you want this in your *** suck on it> She did as she was told...she sucked the *** juice off and i stuck a finger back in her ***.  I knew i was close and she was to. I pulled it back out and put it back in her ***....i started half strokes and then about 20 strokes in i put it all the way in.. She grunted and said " O yes..again" I was happy to help.....we both were saying sexy things to each other then she started to shutter again and i could feel my ball tighten up...and i came deep in her *** she did.......I sayed in for about a min and then took my **** out...i watched as my *** came out...what a turn we have anal once a month or so..when the spirit hits us....Man is she sexy.........

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8 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Wife and I both love anal sex. I am straight, but i love having her **** my ******* with her *******. And her *******? so tight and so sexy!

Love this story!!!

i want this kind of passionate, ever lasting love. you are so blessed

I'm hard just thinking about it! lucky you to have the old Hershey gate wide open when you need it!

**shudder** 8]

Thank u! :oD

That was an awesome story.....WOW.... really got me excited - 4 real

Great story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!