Great For Me

my wife and i discovered anal sex many years ago, she has always been extremely sexual and longs to be **** on a regular basses.we have a great sex life and she is happy but long ago i new my smallish **** was no match for her fat deep *****. we started to have anal sex and found it very satisfying for the both of us. now adays there is many times we will have sex and my **** never gets inside her ****. her favorite thing is to be bent over a round foot stool, with a large ***** in her ****, and i hold her hips tight and **** her *** very hard. she loves it rough and loves me to pound her *** while she cusses at me and tells me how hard to **** her. she is a larger women and this is so much fun, not to long ago she was ******* 2 of her boy toys as i watched, they were both ******* her at once and both really well hung. she took a huge **** in her *** as the other ****** her **** from below, it was un believable to see that huge **** disappear deep in her ***, she loved it and so did i. i must admit i was a little jealous but really happy to see her get banged that way........

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

dorobo, i know you get off but i also think you're very generous letting your wife bang others while you watch.. that's cool, she should be very grateful!<br />

That would be awesome to watch my wife riding some huge ******....ooohhhh yeah

I wish I had your ****** up life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good 1 manley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!