I'm a stiletto girl and have always loved boots. My anal virginity was taken the first time I ever wore high heel boots out. I was still in my teens and was out for a night with girls. I knew I looked like a **** with my miniskirt, stockings and knee high leather 4" stiletto boots, my girlfriends told me, I knew it anyway. To cut a long story short I got an extremely rough anal **** which although painful opened me to real sexual pleasure. I try to ration myself these days but when I need anal bad I put on my boots.
Heeled Heeled
9 Responses Aug 18, 2014

So hot!

Butt **** boots. I like it!!! ;-)

Sounds great.

Damn I did that with my girl tooo! So ******* hot!

Im 32, athletic (ex military) and would love to satisfy your anal desires. Never done that to a woman in sexy heels before.

My wife and I enjoy all kinds of sex both dressed in lingerie and HIGH heels pumps, thigh high, knee high all are at least 5” all stilettos. It’s amazing the site of an *** and ***** when bent over perched on top of stiletto heeled thigh high boots begging for both holes to be taken. She says the same thing about my *** when I am in mine and waiting to be taken by her *******.

Only recently have I became to appreciate the power of shoes and boots. Never understood it before, but now........ :)

I wanna **** your *** x

yes please xxxx