When I Can Be On the Recieveing End

I spent most of my adult life as a total straight, with a twist. I was married and did my best to stay clear of gay sex or men at all. I fell off the wagon a few times, in the ***** shops, i took on about 6 guys one after the other.  wow that was one enjoyable evening.  an other time a few years later o started buying ****** and having a ball with them.  The real kicker now is I'm 51 and no one wants an older guy, where have all the guys went that couldn't wait to stick me in the *** with those pretty peckers.  some day I'll luck into the right guy who will be happy to hit all of those hot spots inside

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Oh yeah! Did anyone offer up an anal ********?

Aw, yeah I know guys. Gay guys can cop that **** even worse than women, it seems. Not fair! Have you heard the term "ugly girls are great cos they try harder?" <br />
Maybe you guys should hook up! :oD<br />
But Peter, can I just say "no one wants to know a fat **********" has such a catchy ring to it - maybe the name of your first book?<br />
No, I joke but you guys hang in there, you both haven't lost yr sense of humour I can tell, so there's always hope.<br />
Peace out,<br />

I'm with you mate, i was 14 when i had my first encounter and loved it, but didn't say anything. I lived a straight male life, until I hit my 30s before i had it again, 4 guys in my butt and in my mouth. For 2-3 years enjoyed being bottom to some guys. Since then I put on weight because of injury and now in 40s and no one wants to know a fat **********.