Do I Qualify?

I'm not sure I actually qualify to be in the this group, but I really like the feeling and want to enjoy it more fully.
I've had anal sex a couple of times, but both times I found I bled for 4-6 days after. How do I get myself used to it so that I don't bleed and can fully enjoy it?

Any tips?

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Wow, that was an old post - sorry shoulda checked before answering. Bet you're having loads of fun now! ;-)

Ok, seems lube is the common consensus of opinion. I wouldn't argue with that, tho you should know that it can also be done, and very pleasurable, even culminating in the female reaching ******, without any lube.<br />
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Whatever you do, as bquick said, slowly and gently. And jhuu mentioned many toys, I don't know that you have to go out and buy stuff, the finger is a good tip, and various little small things that may take your fancy ;)<br />
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If your partner is ok with it, get him to try a finger whilst he's inside your *****. If you are in the right mood and fr<x>ame of mind you will enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it at first, just relax, take things slowly, and if you have lube, use it. If you are both comfortable with eachother, and both become comfortable with what you are doing and want to do, it will work, without intense pain, and without any more damage and bleeding. If it hurts a little bit, slow down, relax, and hold your current position, trying to relax, and then try to carry on when you are feeling ok again. If your partner is slow, gentle and caring, it will work out, and you will get better at taking it, without pain and no more damage or bleeding - you will start to love it.<br />
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If he won't be gentle and patient, and if you aren't both completely comfortable, safe and relaxed with eachother - it will continue to be a pain in the arse. lol. Work at it together - the rest will follow.

As everyone else has said, use plenty of lube, and go slow. At no stage should it hurt. If it hurts, your doing damage, and you really don't want to stuff your ability to control your bowels!<br />
Most people need to start with smaller ob<x>jects, such as a single finger, then once use to that, two, three etc... When my wife and I were first exploring this, we also found there were plenty of training toys out there.

yes ,lube ,lube and be ever so slow and gentle ,smooth and easy