My *** Is His Playground...

My lover and I have a very open relationship... He lives in a sexless marriage and my *** is his playground.. he loves to have anal sex... He loves that I love it...he told me in an e-mail.."I'm glad you enjoy being ****** in the *** because that's something I always wanted to do but that's not the most popular spot to stick a ****." He loves that I'm so uninhibited and will do anything he wants to try...

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My wife says no to anal 100%, flat out refuses. But she accepts that as a man who has these desires I will likely go find it elsewhere so she allows me to take her best (lesbian apparently) friend anally while they lick each other out. The friend doesn't love it but doesn't mind it and she's fancied my wife for years. I'm not allowed in her ***** - 'tongue in groove only' she says. But my stiff one up her Backdoor is fine :-) especially when I pull out and *** in my wife's mouth. I'm determined however to **** the friend's ***** 'by accident' - once a man gets an idea in his head he won't stop til he gets it!!

Why would anyone want to **** a "*****" when they can have anal sex which feels so much me.

You're a nice lady

Why don't you find a man of your own to slip it to you

dat is great that theres woman like do i get my girl to be like you

Thanks for your post. It excites me so much. I too enjoy anal sex. The tightness and warmth is not there in the ***** after you **** it repeatedly over years. On the other hand, the *** holds its shape and size which makes sex more enjoyable. May be because anal sex is not performed that often.

No, the rectum is a lot tighter, which makes for greater contact with the buttocks of the bottom for both partners, and greater contact for the penis as well as the rectum itself. Plus the rectum is softer, with a thinner mucosa, enabling the ***** to flow more easily into the bloodstream, making the bottom partner more physically conscious of having been ******, with the positive afterglow it produces. Experienced males know at first glance which females take ***** through the *** and which ones don't. It's great fun to know the woman you're talking to at a business meeting still has a sore ******* in her panties and possibly still farts bubbly farts from that morning's anal session as she's trying to look very businesslike and professional to you...

yeah, i have analsex twice a week not with my wife, but my partner, we both married but anal sex was our solution since we both agreed that vaginalsex was forbiden for us

You're lucky. I wish I had a mistress devoted to anal sex.

The sensations elicited for the penis in vaginal sex lose their lustre very quickly for most men, particularly when you **** the same vagina day after day in a marital context. No wonder some call it doing my marital duty - I know that with my first wife routine vaginal sex was more like a chore. So a lot of men crave anal and usually that's what they'll ask from their mistresses. Those not fortunate enough to have a mistress can only get some from escorts - not a great deal since these girls do basically some chain-sex and require a condom, so you don't feel the *** but only the latex. In some rare cases, you can actually convert your wife to offering anal more than anything else, once her breeding times are past and the vagina doesn't enjoy any privilege as a sheath any longer. It rarely happens. Most wives require regular vaginal service from their husbands, who are legally obliged to provide it once or twice a week. With my current partner we call this 'servicing' and our agreement is that we'll do anything else in bed, but for servicing she'll have lovers...which enables her to get some diversity in ***** and keeps her now sterile vagina satisfied.

**** in *** is great

I must say I love anal sex and can't get enough at times. Im the kind of woman who wants to please her husband any way she can, so sex is never an obstacle. We have sex as much as we both want so if he wants to **** my mouth that is what he gets, if he wants to **** my *** that is what I'll give. Sex is such a great connection we have.

my kind of women

come on then , be friend with me, i will rock you on my ****

Oh and I do like the ex<x>pression "my arse is his playground". That is also how I like to think of him making love to me.

my current bf is also married. I guess they all say they are in a sexless marriage and it is probably true.<br />
<br />
He visits my house every morning on his way to work and every evening on his way home. He either uses my ***** arse or my mouth for his satisfaction. I am sorry for being a bit crude.<br />
<br />
I prefer him making love in my ***** but it is just so wonderful to satisfy him and to hear his lovely noises of appreciation.<br />
<br />
I am very used to making love to men now by giving anal and I don't have any pain. Just pleasure. But slow caring foreplay and lubrication is always the key.

Alycee, no pics,. and every indication that you'ree probably a male who likes to dress as a woman. Fake post. I really hate that.

He is one lucky guy.

Oh yes pretty hot oh yes sounds like great fun.

I wish I were your lover!

Lube and being gentle may be boring, but that's what's needed to get the job started. Get the proverbial foot in the door! Once I'm all lubed up and had at least one O, I am good to go. Get some Liberator shapes (you don't need the furniture), some silicone ba<x>sed lube and a desire for a reamed out rosebud and it's all good.<br />
Love it, to the point of begging him to do me harder. Backdoor is better for me anyway; I have an undersized vagina, which is not all it's cracked up to be. Believe me, being a 'virgin' every time isn't that great.

Are you really a woman, Lickerish 1? No stories, no pics, no indication of gender on your site - I have my doubts. Your vagina may be not only undersized, but...nonexistent.

who else is playing in your play ground >>>rubber up, I would suggest a full body suit

Your boyfriend is a lucky man. Girls like you are hard to find. All the best...

Well it's not for everybody... it's one of those things I think that you either like or you don't, it does depend alot on your partner.. and his size.... if he's too big and it hurts... try a small toy, they make many vey slender vibrators and ******... that aren't much bigger than a finger... and lubrication is somethig you can't forget!! the slipperier the better!

I've tried it( I was drunk and high) but don't do it much because I think it hurts.

This is beautiful.

yes pearls are nice!!! And KY Intrigue is the BEST!!! And tequilla deadens the sensations... I like to remember every experience vividly!!!

LOL...tequilla is for the other end!!

lots of tequilla!!

If your partner is as caring as mine and takes his(your) time, makes sure that his partner is extreemly excited from previous activities and very relaxed it's not bad... massage it a bit with a finger or two.. make sure it is very well oiled... start with a finger and work your way up... once you learn all the tricks it really isn't painful at all... it's very satisfying...