More Of Him

I have been having anal sex for several years now. My most recent experience was with one of my boyfriends. I am 63 and bisexual; he is 65 and gay. We are both slim men. He has a thick, 7" ****. He is such a great lover. He cuddles, kisses and likes to put his erection into my *****. I went to his house recently and found him in his bedroom naked, stretched out on the bed waiting. He was impatient for me to undress. I fell into his arms. We kissed enthusiastically. Then he had me turn around with my back to his belly; my bottom against his groin. His **** was already very hard. He massaged my body up and down, feeling my erection and covering my chest and torso with gentle caresses. I could feel his hardness pressing up against my bottom. I pushed back and encouraged him to rub up and down teasing my crease. I half turned and kissed him again passionately. I reached back with my hand and felt his hardness. I couldn't wait. We lubed each other then put a condom on him. Next,  I again pushed back this time till his **** had fully entered my eager canal. He was careful to enter gently and then moved in and out, again and again and again. I was in heaven. I continued to push back, allowing my bottom to arch against him matching his rhythm. We extended our necks, half turning, so we could kiss while he ****** me. I couldn't get enough. My erection pulsed and became even firmer. His in and out pace quickened till I felt his body stiffen and he thrust harder into me. He was so masterful. He was so hard. I felt so full. We came over and over till we collapsed in ecstasy. After he softened I turned and embraced him. We cuddled for another 15 minutes each caressing the other, our legs entwined, our arms encircling each other. Once more we had a wonderful time together.

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Sweet story. Nice guys enjoy a good day.