Moment Between Lovers

As he bent me down over the chair, exposing my bottom, touching, caressing and applying a gentle slap, he slide his finger into my 'forbidden zone'. I  became aware of its invasion instantaneously, and started to squirm. Uncomfortable with the thought of where this might take us, I began to protest 'no, you can't go there, it's not right', to which he responded 'baby it is me, I would do nothing to hurt will like this, I promise'. And with some gentle touches and kisses, I began to relax and started feeling sensations that I did not think possible when involving my bottom.

In time I had relaxed so much that several of his fingers had been able to enter me, it was divine! I had never felt such wanting and desire, and I wanted more and as if he knew, more came. We played like this for what seemed like days, getting me more excited and so very aroused. And at that moment of uncontrollable arousal, he entered me, a rush of pain and pleasure all in one movement. He continued to glide in and out of me, sending me into a frenzy, desperately grabbing onto anything and everything until my body began to shake and my legs gave out in pure exhaustion from an override of pleasure.


As I think of that memory, I realize what an incredible moment it was between me and my share in the 'forbidden zone' and to feel such incredible pleasure.

I have been hooked ever since.


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Oooh yes ! What an inspiring story; written artfully in beautiful words. it must be a good experience which I always wished to practice with my lady; but unfortunately she is very orthodox in this matter. Despite several attempts, could not get it. Even sometimes I wished to be fingered by her but could not tell her but I know getting anal stimulations is getting full dose of joy.

It was very good, an arousal of the mind along with the temptation of tasting that forbidden fruit ourselves.

Sweet heart if i didn't have a girlfriend i would give you the best anal ever.

Maxdixon95...I take it u like the story?? *smiles wickedly*

oh i do sweetheart. Just wish i had experience so i'd rock your world. Sadly i have a girlfriend i love.

Well Maxdixon95...happy to hear you love go rock her world!! Have fun.

Just one thing...i want to get her into anal, but i have no idea how i would go about it. Can you give me advice please?

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There may not be an hymen to break in a rectum, but the deflowering of her anus is as important for a woman as the deflowering of the other hole. You're lucky to have had your stage door so well deflowered...

Angelsx, thank you again....and it was a lovely evening! Glad you enjoyed.

That must of been a pleasureing evening for both of you i wish it would of been me i would of love that well atleast with you :) .. Nice story i enjoyed it alot (:

cherychoper, thank you.....and thank you for commenting. btw, what is your avatar of??<br />
<br />
greywolfalyeska, thank youf or the comments. and i was very lucky to have found someone who did realize what it truly meant to offer such a thing. and yes, it was a awesome experience!

Boing! What a wonderful story. My flag is waving for you. I am so glad you could find someone in your life to make you feel that way.

well thank you GreyWolfAlyeska! and yes i am lucky he was wonderful throughout that experience...too bad he fell short everywhere else, lol.

Stunningly tender story. If only more lovers took the time and tenderness to help their partners discover the joys of anal. I hope many will read this and learn.<br />
Thank you for posting.

IP4U.....thank you! *smiles*

Yes the insertion of the head can be overly is the pain, a wonderful pain, that sends me into a frenzy and once it has pentrated me, it is intoxicating. But as I stated before, it must be done slowly otherwise the pain overpowers any and all pleasure. It is good that you and the other guy recognize that, as it makes it more enjoyable for the ladies.

We share (swap) with another couple regularly and enjoy this form of enjoyment from time to time. Your right - don't rush into this (no pun intended). Both of the females just go nuts and are very satisfied "in the end". Both of us guys enjoy also but we try to be very, very, very gentle & slow. One of the ladies goes crazy after insertion of only the head of the c*ck. This is the height of pleasure to be able to deliver so much fun to one!

PaladinOH, again with the compliments...thank you! I try to write the story the way I would tell you if you were sitting in front of me over drinks...I like to paint the picture, in hopes that it will indeed guide one through the experience. You have given me the ultimate compliment, thank you.

What a great story. You are an amazing story teller and I like the way you guide us through this sexy encounter.

Thank you GallinDeed! And you are right, the 'forbidden' pleasures always seem to be the most enjoyable!

Hooked on the sensation as well. Forbidden pleasures are always the greatest. Lovely story.

Thank you Lovelyheart2u2! Very sweet! And nice to hear considering I write erotica.......<br />

well thank you for the compliment. btw, that is quite the avatar you got going on there, not too mention your username.....does it truly indicate what one might find if they met you for the first time, uglybuzzard??? lol!

Well I am thinking your wife is letting you know if your actions are satisfactory..........perhaps some deep groans or name calling or a subtly burst of yelling out 'MORE'........I am thinking that is a sign. Just a hunch though. *smiles and chuckles*

Well, I am sure your wife appreciates that you appreciate her ***....and they do say 'actions speak louder than words'.

Hardwood1, well, my guard/walls are very high, it is a steep climb to get over, proving to be a long journey to reach that level of trust......but in the end I believe it just intensifies the pleasure and level of intimacy.<br />
<br />
Married2bf, yes, I was very lucky to have found a man who understood the intimacy of it and the level of trust necessary to make it an incredible moment. I am grateful for that....

:) Double awesome! You're right about the right guy, the right way. Lucky you to enjoy having it done right.

Funkadelic, you are a man of few words, thank goodness they are great ones, thank you!<br />
<br />
DeepStorm63, thank you for kind words and support! And yes, there was some intensity involved.

Lovely story. I could feel the intensity of the moment.


Knottygentleman, yes, I only offer that pleasure when and if I have a lover, it is his and his alone to enjoy. It is a sacred moment between us, one that can only truly be achieved through trust and respect.

Sandykiss, I realize you are new to EP and I am sorry that you are lonely. We all are lonely from time to time, but posting your phone number on a comment section to a story is a bit inappropiate, Sweetie! Might I suggest a Friendfinder site or post a Q and dare guys to call you.

sounds like you guys are having more fun than me!! im lonely!! can someone please call me i feel like no one loves me at all!! 970-769-9737! im just feeling like there is no one that wants me.

That special feeling is trust after all... the same trust that exists between two caring partners, expressed through a delicate but so-rewarding act... It is never natural for who tries it the first time, especially on the receiving end but when done right, yes it is white-knuckle gripping intense and as you wrote it "legs gave out in pure exhaustion" and it is not so different from all the surrendering one does as a submissive. I hope you will reserve it for your trusted partner, as a reward to both of you.<br />
Be well.

Your welcome, and I appreciate your reply to my post. I must also admit that my kink gets a little more detailed than just anal sex, but that also another story. So you take good care, and good luck on finding another caring partner.<br />
<br />
Enjoy life to the fullest......

Thank you for your comment and I am unfortunately like you.....I miss it, too!! But yes, it is incredible when done with the right person.

Beautifully put, it really is very special when done right, and with the right person. I am very glad for you that you were able to find this out, and continue to enjoy such intimate time together with your special one. <br />
<br />
I do know this kind of closeness, and do so miss it. But such is life....<br />
<br />