I Love Being A Submissive Bottom

It is just such a total turnon in everyway to offer myself to a man and his **** with my head down and *** up and spread open for *******. I imagine him taking in the sight of my rosebud between my two white cheeks. It is already wet and glistening in anticipation of his penetration. I just love showing it to a man with a hard **** in his hand. Then he touches me with the tip right in the center of my nether mouth. I imagine me being able to taste his precum through my fleshy little ripples at the entrance to my love tunnel. And then it happens, THE PENETRATION and the oh so wonderful stretching of my anal ring by his white hot head. If he has a large head on his penis, the rippling of my anal walls as he moves in and out is just so amazingly wonderful. When I am being taken like this, I am a woman

tombottom tombottom
46-50, M
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I'd love to bend you over and take your little *** roughly. The whole I'd make you tell me how much you love it, even if you are gritting your teeth in pain.

I'd like to be your bottom.

You are so right on! In my first encounter this way, the realization that I was "the woman" in our tryst added immensely to my excitement. I had never dreamed how this would be so wonderfully pleasureable physically & mentally. Enjoy!

havent tried this yet but it sounds interesting

I love spreading my legs for a man too. I feel so feminine.

The act of bending over for a hard **** is my delight. I also like to straddle his lap, facing him so I can kiss him while he ***** me with his erection. The full feeling, the total skin2skin sensuality is all part of the delicious experience. On another recent occasion I bent over in an adult book store's room and took the man's large erection up my ***. I never knew his name, nor he mine. He loved my ***. I loved his ****.

good for you...tell me more

i know how you feel !!!!! ther is nothing better then giving your tail to a guy it is so great to feal him break throug and impale you on his man hood .... soooooooooooo sweeeetttttttt ( ;

Hot! Whew.