***** Is Great, But Moving To Anal Sex Really Blows My Nuts

I remember the first time i had anal sex with a women. We had been dateing two days, when I was ******* her doggy, and she said, try sticking it up my ***. Believe me I was taken back. But of course I said "really". and put some spit on it, and stuck my cockin slow and easy. Gosh Damn, it that tight. And she got to squrimeing around like never before, and I started banging her even harder, and got a nut off, like never before. Damn was that a huge *******. I have been hooked ever since. But can't ever get enough, and it has always been hard to find, untill I met the two women who are my *** **** slaves. But thats another story.  And yes, I married her, she new what it took to hock me. Too bad it didn't last though. But thats another story

polycplseeking polycplseeking
41-45, M
Mar 15, 2010