Anal With My Wife

The best sex I ever had in my life was anal with my ex. Many years ago, we were home alone one day, the kids were out, she had just gotten out of the shower. I watched her dry off with a towel and approached her from behind. She was usually ice cold and turned me down, but not this time. I helped her dry off, paying special attention to her wide *** cheeks. I put my face near her bottom, her feminine aroma put me into a spell, I was intoxicted with her ***. Although I had licked her ***** many times, always before she let me **** her, I had never put my mouth on her *******. This time I did, and it felt and tasted wonderful, she loved it as much as I did and yielded to my desires as I tongued her rosebud. She moaned and groaned like it was the first time she had ever gotten off. I tried to extend my tongue up her *** hole as far as I could, to further stimulate her. She got down on all fours on the edge of the bed and I was on my knees behind her, tonguing her tight, pink rosebud for all I was worth. My **** was rock hard, as hard or harder than it had ever been. She could not ****** from my ***-licking but she was so close, and loving it. To my surprise she told me to stick my **** inside her. I almost hyperventiled I was so excited. I grabbed my K-Y Jelly and lubricated the head an top portion of my **** and stood right behind her. I spread her cheeks with my hands and saw her beautiful rosebud and gently pressed my **** head against her - to my shock and surprise I immediately orgasmed and shot *** all over her - I never got my **** inside her! It was a very strong, powerful and intense ******. I was totally spent after this.

We stayed together for 8 to 10 years after this and everytime I saw her in the shower I wanted to lick her ******* and **** her. Only on rare occasions did she let me, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I would always approach her from behind, dry her off then move to my knees and try to get my face between her cheeks. Usually she pulled away, but once in a while she would let me put my mouth on her rosebud. When she did - I was in Nirvana - because I knew I had her. She would let me tongue **** her and rim her rosebud as we both got super excited and turned on. My **** got so hard I thought it might burst. When she was ready, after lots of moaning and groaning she would motion for me to **** her. I would lube up my ****, then go back and tongue **** her one more time. I would stand behind her as she was on all fours on the bed, and gently press my head against her ******* - apply just a little pressure and feel her open up for me. I would just put the head of my **** inside her and wait for her to become accomstomed to my presence up her ***. When she was ready I would shove my **** slowly all the way inside her. It felt better than anything I every felt in my life. I dont know what she had in there, but damn it felt good. Just a few tantilizing strokes and I was there again - a deep down, full body super intense ****** as I spasmed an shot her full of my *****. She could take a big **** and a big load of ***. That was the best sex we ever had, by far. Maybe the best I have ever had period.

We are divorced now and I still see her often. I have never mentioned this but I still have a strong desire to lick her *******, lube up my **** and run it all the way inside her again. I want to badly, but probable never will. She is married and I have a wonderful GF who gives me great sex, but will not let me lick her *******.

Men, do you like to **** your woman up the ***? Ladies do you ever take it up the rosebud? Tell me - you can share your secrets with me, and I wont tell!
goodhands44 goodhands44
Dec 16, 2012