From Anal Play To Balls Deep

My wife was a virgin when we started dating. She agreed to have sex at some point, but wanted to wait a while, so we took it slow. After she was broken in, I was keen to keep trying new things with her to make up for the first few months when I couldn't get in her pants.

Typically this was my fingers finding their way up her back door when she was sitting on my ****. This always made me *** immediately, and I would make sure to wait to start poking around until I was ready to be done.

Eventually it was me getting her worked up and fingering her *** as a part of foreplay.

I started introducing some light tonguing as well, which she responded well too, and I enjoyed the lubrication (not being a fan of synthetic lubes).

After we'd been married for about a year, the anal play was far more regular an occurrence. Then, on my birthday one year, we'd gone out for drinks and were having some lovely birthday sex. I had her on her laying on her right side on the bed, with her knees partially pulled up in a sort of sitting position. I always enjoy when I can have a nice view of her holes, and this angle is great for that. I had my left hand under her knees and my right hand on the small of her back, with occasional finger forays to work her **** and to push a finger or two into her ***. Finally, I lifted her off my ****, worked some saliva around her puckered, never-been-****** *******, and kind of gave her a look so she could prepare herself.

(This was a couple years ago, but I'm still certain that we didn't say anything about it at the time...either she knew it was inevitable, couldn't wait for it to happen, or at the very least was open to trying it...)

I guided my eager and impatient **** to her anal entrance, and then started the slow descent down into her bowels. I had to wiggle around a little bit to work through the opening, but in no time at all, my whole head was in there. We paused there, then I slowly started working out and back in, out, in, until I was passed the mid-**** bulge. From there it was simple enough to slide all the way in, and I did that. I couldn't believe how tight it was on the base of my *****, and I can't imagine what it felt like for her, but she was definitely into it. She's usually very vocal during sex, but was quite quiet during this process. Once I was inside her, I held my position and started working over her **** again. This got her going immediately, which spelled my ***********.

I came inside her *** for the first time that night, and have since left many more anal deposits. I like how sometimes, afterward, she has to hold her buttcheeks together and do a little dash to the bathroom because it's ready to come oozing right back out and down her legs.
viltojums viltojums
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2013