Wife Licked My ***

My wife was in the kitchen making breakfast and I went over and gave my wife a big kiss and patted her on the ***. I sat down and started eating she sat down at the table across from me. She said it has been a week since you have *** and your balls look nice and tight and full of ***. When we were done eating she took me in the bedroom and told me to sit down in the floor and pull my legs up over my head. My legs was up in the air and she was pushing them down, my **** was just inches away from my face. She stuck her tongue in my ******* and was licking it back and forth she was holding my legs up with one hand and started jacking my **** off. It felt so good I exploded all over my face, since it had been a week without ******* it was a huge load, I think my wife likes for me to build it up so I explode really hard. My wife kissed me and helped me clean all the *** up.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Yep, I love squirting my stuff all over my face! I'm getting too old to be that supple now, though.

Nice!! I have done something similar in the past but it was by myself, I would also have a plug or ***** in me and by the time I was done would be gaping open. Incredible *******...