Affirmations Of An Anal *****

Each morning My lil anal ***** is to send an affirmation to her Master.. these are two of late that have appealed to Me... I will add further ones should they continue to do so.. enjoy..



I was a submissive lady, content to let You choose when I should come,
happy to ask nicely, open to hair pulling and some slapping on my arse,
and having been penetrated in the asscunt before, content to let You do
so. One year later, Master, I am Your slick-cunted *****, ****, fuc toy,
***** and possession, kept in a state of perpetual arousal by her
Master, so that her body is ready for use whenever He commands it, eager
and willing to have her holes stretched and abused by her Owner and
whomsoever He chooses, gushing and squirting and screaming her pleasure
in serving Him to the point her holes constrict from use and pleasure
becomes pain and discomfort, body marked by ****, ***, pen, cane or
belt, collared, bound, shackled; mouth filled with **** to suck, till
gagging or welts render it useless and the belly is full of Master's hot
***; forced to frig herself till she **** hidden in a classroom in her
workplace, skirt hitched up, legs spread wide and fingers working
feverishly at her ****, like a ***** with no mind and no options, but
those given to her by her Owner; totally controlled, kept tightly for
One Man, used by others, a play thing kept aloft, enjoyed briefly and
removed from reach; a sex slave to be used for Master's amusement and
enjoyment, to be shared, abused, hidden, all as He wishes, a three-holed
**** on call, at her Master's pleasure, but mostly an anal *****, an
asscunt on offer, a greedy little ***** who craves to be stuffed full of
**** in her asscunt, to be impaled, pounded, hammered, reamed up her
asscunt by her Master and anyone else He chooses to give access to this
greedy little **** hole on His *****. In a Year's time from here,
Master... who knows?




I am Your devoted ***** with legs spread and a **** oozing fresh *** from the ****** You have just permitted Your ***** as You spoke with her. I am Your amusement, Your slave toy with holes, to prod and poke, and **** and stuff and finger; holes to suck You and serve You Master, as You wish, on Your word, Your instruction, regardless of all else.

I am the ***** You have made through the patience and shrewdness of Your approach: a respectable, independent woman in the vanilla world, and a ***** on her hands and knees begging for her Master's **** in her asscunt, in our world. I am the ***** You have shackled and collared: hungry for **** pushing and pounding against my asscunt as often as You will allow it, but no better than when You abuse my asscunt, Master, with Your fingers or Your long, fat ****, so that You pull from me liquid devotion, repeated evidence of Your domination of my body in the squirting, gushing and exploding **** that You own.

Your S xx
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Feb 23, 2012