It Was Really Scary At First But I Ended Up Loving It!

I lost my anal virginity at 17...I know it's "Young" and all that, but me and my boyfriend at the time had been dating for 2 years, I had first had sex with him a year before this. He started bringing anal sex up a lot and I was kinda iffy about it because a few of my friends had tried it and HATED it. They said it hurt so much at first and all that. But, eventually I gave in to my boyfriend and let him put his **** in my ***. He took it really slow. It took a while to get it fully in we used LOTS of lube and oh my god! Did it ever feel amazing when it finally slipped in! I had never orgasmed so hard in my life, it was unreal!!!
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

If done right it is amazing even for us guys and it sounds as if your bf took his time and use plenty of lube which are both a must. My wife says once the head is in the shaft just slides right in, but it still takes a little bit for her to stretch out and get use to it. But once she does she loves it and like you has mind blowing ****** have fun and enjoy.

Is it a must now?