A Long Journey

Ever since my wife and I started dating 22 years ago I have told her I wanted to **** her in the ***. She was always answering "nope exit only". I did not push the issue but reminded her everyonce in a while. My wife is a very sensual person and often gets lost in her *******. I finally started licking her *** while I was giving her oral sex, at first a quick lick to see if I would get any resistance. After 6 months of this I finally suggested it again. She said "nope exit only". I informed her that I have been licking and sliding my tougne in her butt for a year (really only 6 months). She was in shock she said there was no way she would know. I told her it was the truth and she seemed to like it. I told her I would lick her butt right there to prove she liked it. I pulled her pants down in the kitchen and started licking her crack slowly moving my mouth to her cheeks licking and biting them. Kneeling behind her I lifted her *** cheeks exposing her brown eye. I started licking around her *** and really moisten her with my spit. Opening her hole I started to slam my tougne in and out of her. I started to finger **** her ***. She loved it and told me she would be up for an *** **** but needed to get stretched out.

Over the next few months I worked on that *** as much as I could. Finger ******* it while I was ******* her. Tougne ******* her as much as possible. I played with her *** as much as I could eventually getting it stretched out to three fingers. Finally one night I ****** her doggy style just a little bit and started playing with her ***. I was able to get some lube ony **** I positioned myself behind her and slid my **** gently into her ***. She moaned pleasantly and I increased my speed and depth each thrust. I was concerned if this would be painful it would never happen again. I did shoot my load In her *** and she told me if I could keep her *** loose it was mine to use!!!!

lonlehube lonlehube
36-40, M
1 Response May 11, 2012

22 years but worth the wait......right ? Buy some good lube and check out my stories if you want.