Love It So Much

Their is no pleasure without pain, so please take this a** ... it needs to be TAKEN by my hubby whenever and where ever
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26-30, F
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i would take it!

I hope he is able to take care of you properly, he's a lucky guy.

I hope so

mmmm...anal is a wonderful expeience for both

Love giving anal sex. Like a guilty pleasure.

Like a good girl

Good girl

I'd take it every few hours!

I'd be so happy

I love the butt best!

Thats cool

Dam! Hot!

Yes.My wife loves it too.

Anal always gives me the wildest *******. My *** is so sensitive and I love the lustful pain up there!

love your attitude it takes a little time but if done right should not hurt more like a discomfort but man the ******* I wish I could have them like women do<br />
I do so enjoy giving them I try to perfect my talents all the time as you do

Anal sex is a true pleasure when done correctly!

...if he can't, my niner'a ready & waiting

Wish I was your hubby!!!

want to shove it in hard.

Like your attitude.

Can I take you too?

yes it can be spes when the man can play with the main station at the same time with his hands

I agree and it's awesome

Memories of how awesome it is!!!!

I like to without lube

I like it without lube as well.. I like to feel the skin tearing apart and stretching wide open

I like the struggle of pushing it in and hear the woman shutter in pain and pleasure

Mmmmm I Love it too!!! We'd be a perfect match!!!!

Sounds like it lol sometimes if its too hard to get in I use a little spit

Yes spit on me and in me if you can!!! Your spit is always welcome!!

I would like to have a girl wear leggings and bend her and rip a hole in the back and force myself in

You'd love to rip a hole in my leggings and feed your beast into my ***!!

Indeed u would I am very aggressive

Mmmm Aggressive is such a turn on!!

I'd love to pound it so hard it

w/o lube! OUCH!!

In the past its mainly been without lube as far as I can remember... yes OUCH!!!!

peppermint oil is best, just ramming a **** up a womans *** is so raunchy and naughty - i think it's because there is still a taboo about it being wrong

Why peppermint oil? What is that so good?

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wish i could do it right now

wish you could too.. what will it take to make our wish come true!!??!

i will do anything to make it *** true!

what are you waiting on???

waiting on your approval

i want you now

can i have an approval to **** you?

yes **** the **** out of me literally!!

i will **** the **** out of you soo badly and rough that i will fill every hole of yours and make you not walk straight for days

how good you want it? how rough you want it?

i want to to be swollen and sore for days.. i want u to use me very roughly for hours and hours ..

i will give it to you all day every day. i will fill every hole possible leaving you swollen and gaped. i want to make you *** all over my ****. i want to *** for you all the time. where would you like me to *** for you?

*** down my throat, inside my ***** and in my ***.. I want you to keep me full of your ***!! i want to leak your *** from every hole when i limp around from your huge **** leaving me sore and wide open for more

i will fill you up til you cant handle it anymore. when i see you open wide, i will shove my **** right inside whichever hole is open for me. when someone calls you one the phone, i want you to answer it while we are ******* so they can hear you moan in pleasure and *******. when someone knocks on the the door or rings the doorbell, i want you to answer the door be ******* you from behind and drenched in my ***

Mmmmmm i wish you were my husband!!! I'd be in heaven on earth with all this good luvin and cumin

I wish i was right next to you right now and i swear you will be in heaven cummingan being covered and filled with *** all day everyday

Mmmm I wish you were too... your *** makes me healthier, it does my body good all day everyday

I want you to drain the *** out of me

Can you handle it?

i can handle hours and hours of pain and pleasure coming from you

I would love to do that to you right now. How good can you make me ***? I can make you *** all day every minute if you like

i can drain your prostate and gargle your balls

I want you to drain me and devour me

I want to give you all of my ***

i want all of your *** all day everyday!!

I want to give it to you right now

iwant you to **** me so hard in my *** it bleeds

Oh i will. I want to do it now

i want you to do it now

I want to make you have a **** all day with me

I want to **** you badly and rough

Thats what I want so bad... I want you to make me bleed and **** me while im bleeding

I will **** you til you pass out asleep. And while your asleep I'll keep on ******* you till you wake up and keep going and going and going

Can you really last that long?? It would be a dream come true if you can... I'd love to wake up sore and swollen barely able to walk

Yes i can last that long and that's the truth. I'll keep on ******* til you have me all dry and i will still keep on ******* you

Would you like that?

i would LOVE that!! Do you love a swollen ripe *****?

I love it. I woukd live to shove my hard **** in all of your holes

How good can you make me feel?

I would love to eat and **** that swollen ***** of yours

Mmmm I'd want you to keep me sore and swollen everyday!! Eat me dry and make me cry!!

I would make you cry moan and scream. I would make you *** all over again and again. I will make you *** all over my face when I tongue **** you and I will make you *** all over my **** constantly while im ******* you balls deep, and making you super wet and *** while you are sucking my ****

i wish i could do that right now

I want to throw you and **** your mouth til you gag and tear, then **** your *** and ***** til its swollen gaped so that I can **** you anytime whenever I see that gaping holes of yours filled with my **** and ***

Oh my... i would never get tired of you ******* me mercilessly.. would you give me your **** balls deep everyday? would you make my ***** squirt in your mouth?

i will give you hard **** and balls all day everyday whether your awake or asleep, we can go on for hours and hours. not only i will make you squirt with my mouth, i can and will make you squirt with my **** as well

and I will be thanking you with my ***.. all over your ****
thank you for all of your beastly **** and soft precious tongue

oh your welcome and i will be thanking you for your nice wet tight *****, ***, and wet mouth of yours, and i will reward you with my *** however and wherever you want me to *** for you

and afterwards will **** you some more

you are too good to be true!! your my dream *** true!! ******* me until I pass out and continuing to ram it in me is amazingly wonderful pleasure!!

oh yes... i will keep continually ******* you keeping you gaped, wet, and full of ***


and begging for more

I'd be begging you "please don't stop" and you'd continue ******* me until I couldn't get any words out

I will keep ******* you even when you are speechless. the only thing you will hear are you moaning, *******, and the loud sounds of me ramming and ******* the hell out of you

How good does my *** feel to you? will you tell me how it makes your **** feel while your drilling my ******* raw?

oh my it feels all too good. its soo tight wrapped around my hard ****. i feel like exploding when i go right into your tight *******. as im going harder and deeper, you ******* gapes open for me perfectly that my **** can fit and slip in and out. how does my **** feel good to you?

It fills me up and im afraid for you too take it out.. you make the lining between my *** and ***** so tender.. that im ******* out of both holes at the same time.. I tell you that I have to urine and you still wont take your **** out my ***.. you just keep ramming me and i **** on myself

i will never pull out from your holes ever. i will keep on ramming balls deep, **** you from mouth to ***** to *** then mouth then ***** mouth *** then to mouth and repeat whichever hole i want i want to ****. you can **** all over me while im ******* you

i really want to **** you soo badly right now and give you all of my ***

i want to **** you all day and all night long and everywhere, either in the kitchen where you cook, in the car while we drive, in the park we we can sit on a bench or behind a tree so that i can **** you, at home where you can answer the door of me ******* you, **** you near a window where everyone can see you being ****** hard

im so backed up with ***.. i want to *** allover your stomach so bad and lick it up

*** all over my **** and clean up my **** from your wet ***** ******* all over my ****. can you clean off the *** from my ****?

yes i will lap all of our *** from off of your delicious ****... mmmm yummy!! our *** taste so good mixed together.. I cant get enough of it.. i want some more *** please

i will happily give you more ***! turn around and show me that *** of yours so i can **** it some more til i ***. then i will have you on your knees and **** your mouth til i *** deep down your throat. how does it taste and feel now?

It feels have the best **** in the world.. i'd want your **** deep inside me for breakfast, lunch and dinner... whenever im happy give me ****, whenever im sad give me ****, whenever i cry give me ****, whenever im angry give me ****.. your **** is like my air.. you keep it in me and *** filled inside me

i can do that for you. my **** is in service 24/7 for you. it will be hard and full of *** for you til im dry. but even then, my **** will still be hard for you to suck and ****

you like that?

My **** will be ready for you 24/7

Are you my dream *** true??

I am. Can i fill all of your holes with my ****?

yes please fill me up

I am the guy with the **** of your fantasies

I will love to fill you up

can i please have all of your ***?

oh if there is a will there is a way i think we have to chat here as soon as poseble would love that more than anything

Yes you can but i want you to keep on begging for my ***

Keep begging for my ***

please give me your delicious ***
please i need your *** inside me

oh yes I will give you my ***... keep on begging. message me if you want so we can have our own little chat. but i want you to keep on begging for my *** and more of my ****

where would you like me to *** first? in your mouth? in your *****? or in your ***?

Can i join ur circle, talk 2 me, my profile story will have u juicing and me wanting 2 empty my balls up ur ***

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God, if only it were true (: I would surrender mine to you as well my love :)

The pleasures all mine either way

No. it's mine either way :)