Heads Or Tails (part 2)

Ok, it's been a few hours and I promised to fill you guys in. First of all, my ******* is pulsating from the pounding my wife put on it. Honestly, I didn't think she was gonna go all out like that, but she ****** me like a champ. Although this ******* was a bit intimidating on sight, she ordered me to ***** and get on all fours after a bit of cleaning up. Her assertiveness turned me on as I followed her instructions precisely. With a gentle massage she applied lubrication to my *** and poked a finger or two in as a warm-up tease. Then I felt her place the head of her **** on my ******* and roll it around slowly. That's when she told me I would never be the same after last night. She told me how much she enjoyed all our sexual encounters over the years, but I was about to be treated like a *****...her *****. I felt the head pressing against my tight ***, but little by little it opened wider until it suddenly gave way and it wrapped around the head of her ******* like a vice grip. She was excited and told me to just relax because there's a whole lot more to follow. As she slowly rocked back and forth, her monsterous **** inched deeper and deeper in my ***. I felt the throbbing of my ******* all over my body. The stinging was painfully pleasant. Her rocking turned to stroking. That's when she told me to put my *** in the air. As I did, her strokes transformed into powerful thrusts which pounded my *** into submission. I told her I couldn't take it, but she laughingly asked it I thought I had a choice. As she slammed by *** without mercy, I could hear her body clapping into my ***. I stood my ground and allowed her to give me that whole thick *** 8 inch **** like she wanted and I loved every minute of her dominance. Needless to say, I'm walking a little funny right now, but I'll be glad to be her ***** again any time soon!
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4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Better you than me friend.

Mmm....love *** play w my Guy!!!! Sooo hot!!!!

Love that feeling

Sounds like a great time