Ladies and gentlemen, I just got a text from my wife as she's on her way home from the office. She is raving about the episodic thrashing she dealt my *** this morning. Oh and I feel every inch that was rammed in me. So she says...let's play heads or tails when I get home. Honestly, i've been filled with anxiety. I'm treading into new territory! I've always enjoyed anal sex, but I never imagined I would be on the receiving end. She made it home not too long ago with a sinister smile you could see from miles away. She tells me she's been thinking about it all day and couldn't wait to approach me with the idea again. Being the experimentally open person I am, I pulled out a quarter and said let's flip then. It landed on heads and I must admit I felt a sense of relief. However, the look on her face when she lost was that of a child whose puppy ran away. I asked if she was alright and she responded with a dismal yes. I knew I couldn't leave the conversation there so I asked her to share her thoughts. She expressed how she had replayed our previous rendevous over and over in her mind all day and couldn't contain her ***** from getting wet with excitement. The urge was so overwhelming that she actually confided that she *********** twice at work. She said she fantasized about different positions and how she could turn herself on even more by "turning me out". That's when she said it..."I don't know how to say it, but I want to destroy your ***. Will you let me ravage your ***? Let me have my way with you for a week...just one week, that's all I want. One week to ****, pound and stretch your *** beyond both our imaginations. What do you say?" Needless to say everybody, I'm naked and headed for the shower. I'll give you guys a daily report on my adventures, but I gotta go kiss my ***
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I need to know how this turns out. Please. My wife and I have been discussing this very subject.