Replay? (part 2)

What can I say? After last night, I truly found out how much my wife is enjoying her role of control. She began by laying me on my back and spreading my legs. She kissed the head of my **** and then opened wide and stuffed it in her nouth. Her deep throat sucking was accompanied by her hands massaging my balls and lubing my ***. The bobs of her head with all that suction and the finger action in my *** quickly had my **** standing in full upright position. She then started to suck on my balls and then surprised me with a few licks of my *******. Then she kissed it and rose her head with that same smile she had when she got home. She sarcastically stated she wanted to "kiss my *** goodbye". With a rock hard ****, I could only moan as the head of her black **** slid in my ***. She bragged about how she was gonna make me love her ******* in my ***. Although my *** was still throbbing from the previous night, it didn't take long for her to get in pretty deep. My rock hard **** had now shrivelled up as she took long, slow deliberate strokes. She told me to start jacking off. With my **** in my hand and a big *** **** in my ***, she told me she wanted my **** hard. She mimicked her strokes in my *** to the the speed of me jacking off. Everytime I would deliver a few quick jerks to my ****, I would receive the same in my ***. The nasty conversation coming out of her mouth only turned me on more. I got my **** up and that's when she really took charge. She plowed into my *** with powerful thrusts and demanded I keep jacking off. Her **** stretched my *** wide open as i tryed to jack off without running away. She screamed to take it all and take it all know. I jerked my **** harder and faster to try and help me take her punishing thrusts. I began to feel the *** rising in my ****. When I moaned that I was close to *******, she smiled and said that meant I loved her ****, but I better not ***. She commanded me to keep jacking off and as I squirmed she claimed it I *** she would make me pay at the end of the week. As she told me she was gonna turn my ******* in to a ***** for her, I couldn't handle all the pressure. She laughed and called me her ***** as I exploded with a grunt and moan from an ****** I had never experienced before in my laugh. As my ******* constricted with every burst of *** shooting out of ****, she slammed her **** all the way in my *** as fast and deep as she could. I was ******* and I felt her all the way in me with my asshule pulsating. Her thrusts made me continue to *** longer than i ever had. She threw one leg of mine over to the other side and ponded my *** while I was on my side trying to grasp this feeling. My *** opened up to her like an express lane. She relished the fact that she had made me ***. She told me her ***** was soaking wet from watching my *** get ****** so hard. Evidently the ******* harness was rubbing against her **** and as she was telling me and pounding my ***, she let out an orgasmic moan of her own as she nutted all over herself because she was able to make me ***. Our evening wound down from there and my *** is pulsating and stinging today, but that ****** was definitely worth it for me and her both!!!
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I love it and more importantly my wife liked it with a devilish look. :