“5 Minutes Honey, Or…”

This is a fantasy of mine…

My beautiful, young, bubbly, petite, brunette caregiver – we’ll call her Sonia, comes in very early in the morning to wake me up out of a sound sleep. She’s a cross between Mila Kunis (from ‘That 70’s Show’) and Maisela Lusha (from ‘The George Lopez Show’). Sonia is dressed in a scantily-clad bikini top, but she is completely b*** n**** below the waist because she knows I love to see her beautiful legs, her pretty, petite feet, her perfectly aligned toes and most of all her absolutely gorgeous, exquisite Brazilian model-like b***. She says to me “Good morning sweetie” very sweetly, very gently rolls me over onto my back and seeing that I have m****** w*** there is no way I’m going to be able to p** yet, so she starts the egg timer. She has 5 minutes to get me to c**, by ONLY giving me a h*** j**. Sonia says to me “Look at me or whatever you want, think about anything you want Honey, but you’ve only got 5 minutes, or… She then wraps her soft hand around my member, and commences ‘working on it’ to try to get me to c**.

If I c**, she is very happy and she feeds me breakfast, gives me a high soapsuds enema, bathes me, grooms me, dresses me and gets me up for the day, generally pampers me. and everything is fine.

However, if I don’t c** by the time the timer goes off, she…?

Now, I know what really happens, but first I want YOU to fill in the rest of the story. What does lovely Sonia say, and/or do to me if she can’t get me to c** before the egg timer goes off? (please be as detailed as possible in your answer).

and I have 3 other questions for ya.
1. Do you think I want Sonia to succeed in getting me to c**? Why, or Why Not?
2. Do you think Sonia wants to succeed in getting me to c**? Why, or Why Not?
3. If YOU were Sonia or I, would you want to succeed in getting me to c**? Why, or Why Not?

After I get some replies, and if there’s enough interests and requests, I’ll write and tell you what really happens  Hope you enjoy! :).

56-60, M
Sep 11, 2012