As The Wife...

My husband has recently been sharing our sexual exploits on EP, so I just wanted to jump in. I'm not here to rehash everything he wrote, your already read that. Yes, I've taken great pleasure in busting his *** wide open and watching him squirm like he's doing right now. My friend girl "mahoganey" I thimk he called her, spent the night. While we took turns on him, we both loved the control. I love my husband dearly, but to force him to take all our dicks all the way in his *** was a site to see. I saw him get on EP and give you guys an update, well let me give you one of my own. We were not through with him, we were only catching our second wind. Right now, mahoganey is so deep in his ***, we had to gag him to keep from disturbing the neighbors. And when she has had all she wants, I'm gonna take this 12 inch **** and **** the **** outta him. Don't feel sorry for him though, after today, mahoganey and I have decided that we'll give him a good ********* and even will let our *****'s and ***'s get hammered. hell, if he can take it so can we. So i'll let her ram that big *** **** in me and i'll do her the same. We're gonna eliminate all these tight holes around here. He'll get all of us he wants, but right now we're in control. You know the old's always better to give than to receive...haha.Gotta go, i'm ready to get in that ***!!
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NEVER under estimate the power of a hot hony lady !