I Love Having His **** In My ***

We just finished having normal sex in the sideways position. He slid his **** in my *** and wanted to to have sex, but I just wanted him to leave it in there, stuffing me with his thick c*ck. I think rubbed my horny **** and it felt so good to know we were being so dirty, with his younger brothers and sisters in the next room I just had his c*ck in my tight *** while I played with my **** until I came over and over. I never had such an intense ******. I love knowing there is something in my ***, it makes me *** so hard. I love when he pulls my hair and just pounds my assh*le, it makes me *** from my ***** involuntarily. It's the best feeling to have his nice **** going in and out of my *** really slow as I intensly rub my throbbing wet ****. I love how naughty it is.
homiexox homiexox
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Awesome babe! Way to go. Wish I could shove my **** up your assand hold it ther till you came and squeezed my **** with your contractions till I came.