The Most Amazing Sounds

When I lick someone's *** for the first time - man or woman - it's like I'm finding a special place they've been keeping sounds they never make otherwise.

At first, with a woman, she sometimes feigns surprise, a tiny sound of doubt, hoping I haven't made a mistake. Then when she realizes I haven't, and I'm not stopping, and yes that is my tongue just beginning to circle her tight hole, she makes a guttural sound, or a moan that sounds like a different, new person - I'm sharing a secret that I wish everyone knew: it's amazing. As my tongue spreads her, enters her, begins sending all the delicious spasmodic feelings from her **** to her g-spot (which I'm often working from the other side), she releases a kind of low mewling, a satisfaction like putting down a heavy load and that first touch of a perfect neck massage.

For a man, there are differences. Men who are normally not vocal have begun chanting the most exquisite filth as I part their ***** - "You gonna lick my ***? Oh **** stick your tongue in my shithole!" I don't relish the scatology, to be honest, but the things they'll promise just to get another taste of my tongue... the sounds they make are somehow the opposite of the shouting, tight, grunting **** you'd expect. They're long and mellow, flowing instead of spurting - but that could be my fingers around their prostate :)

I'd love to hear more about your *** licking stories - especially your first time.
templar8 templar8
31-35, M
Dec 2, 2012