Who Will Win The Superbowl?

I'll update this article a few times I suppose as I see the ethers of eternity produce the hints to know who will win the superbowl.

It's in flux. Whose team is strongest right now? Whose team will be strongest at the time of the big game?

Only a day or two ago I could Feel Jim Harbaugh and the niners as the dominant mind. If the superbowl was then, no doubt they'd have been the strongest team. Not long after that his brother and the Ravens took that spot away, feeling most dominant.

The falcons or the Patriots? Neither is giving me a strong showing as far as the "source field" is concerned.

Do I predict a Harbaugh Bowl for the superbowl? I'm feeling it pretty strongly right now. A smart patriot will look at this article and ask what he can do to get there.

I haven't gotten 1 person show up to me on any of the 4 teams showing weakness at this point.

I want to see a Harbaugh bowl, personally. The Ravens are litterally Ravens... Hungry. Hungriest team as I focused on them yesterday. Ray Rice wants that superbowl more than anyone that has come across my mind.

At any rate I want Jim and the Niners to win it because I spent 10 years in North California growing up. Who else to be a fan of but the Niners?

I don't want to rob people of a game before it happens. If I really wanted to know who wins it I'm sure I could find out but it's not fair to people that realize a loss comes as a result of not putting together enough intelligence and focus to win the game. There's no good NFL player that also doesn't operate at a high level of intelligence when he's playing his best. Even if a person argues many NFL players aren't very smart all they need to know how to do is play their position intelligently. An animal that has virtually no iq can still perform well in nature as long as he pays attention to his instincts.

At any rate all I'll predict is that if the niners or patriots make it it will be an exciting game. I'm not a fan of the ravens offense and I can't seem to connect with the falcons emotionally. Both the niners and patriots have very explosive offenses. Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Gronk and Edlemen are all fascinating because they are as big of a threat as any 'black' man. Tom Brady commands his huddle with authority. Colin Kaepernick has added some flavor to the offense as of late.

I only have two hints as to how these things will unfold but I feel if I say them I'll be cheaping out on the teams my words may hurt.

All I'll say is I don't believe the patriots will make it to the big game and I can't imagine the Niners losing to the falcons. If it was played today the Niners would destroy the Falcons.

Update 1/20/2013
I got everything in this article right. AHAHAAHAHAHA. And the image I got about Tom Brady came several weeks before it was relevant. I mentioned it in a previous article. Intuition wins the day on this one. I haven't modified the original article, only added this update.
TheTristman TheTristman
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Jan 17, 2013