I Love Egypt

    I love to watch shows about Egypt.  They are nice to watch. Because they tell about what Egypt used to be like. I love it when they find a new mummy. I love watching them trying to figure out who the mummy is. I have always liked learning about Egypt. Its a pretty country. They have a whole lot of ancient history. Just waiting to be told. I can't wait to hear all of  the stories.
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well in Egypt . this thing was found a ornate peace of metal that was made from cast moulding of melted metals ,, ok the is the metals are not found on this planent earth and to heat the metals to melt the tecnogoly was not around 600 years ago once this metal thing was found plus it had metorrite rock in it. <br />
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i think outer space life was in egypt heance the stars and the anlinement of all those tombs pointing at a star /