It Would Be Cooooooooooolll

To live there would have been mindblowing. I would have loved to paint my face and (if i was one of the royalty) or experience the unique way of life.... the only drawback would be the burying me alive thing.... you'd be damned if I'd go quietly

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

really? i must be wrong then, i thought i read somewhere that when emperors died, there wives and animals were buried alive with them. ... that could be out of a movie though lol

Lol! Where on Earth did you get the idea that they were buried alive!? XD Nonono, they never did this.<br />
<br />
But I concur about wanting to have lived there, it would have been fantastic. And the best part about it? They Egyptians were CLEAN, so you wouldn't need to worry. ^_^ I'm not sure to what extent you mean by "painting your face," but if you're referring to the eye paint, I do believe all Egyptians did that, as helped deflect the sun away from the eyes, reducing glare. And in a country with so much sun, this was a good thing!