There's something about the Ancients that just mystifies me! I have no idea what in particular it is. But from the Egyptians and Kushites. The Greeks and the Romans (my favorites) the Jews, and the many Chinese Dynasties and empires. The Persians and the Pontics, Carthaginians and Numidians. and of course the many barbarian cultures. The Gauls being the most famous, followed by the Germans and Britons, Spanish and Dacians.

My favorite though is by far the Romans. For their long history of conquest and internal corruption excites me. Their Military strategies and ability to adapt to new situations is a model for modern armies throughout the world. The many great inventions and innovations that came about are just amazing! The sewer system, aqueduct, public bath. All these improved the hygiene of the city. Therefore increasing the population, adding to the workforce and building the economy.

The Romans were very social, they're whole society is based on social status, who you were was totally dependent on which family you come from, and who your Patrician was. Among the many families the three most prominent being the Julii, Scipii, and Brutii. Although the Julii family founded the empire under Gaius Julius Caesar, and was built under Augustus, the other families were always somewhat rivals trying to take the throne!

If anyone wants to talk ancient history with me, about any empire or civilization I mentioned, please message me! I could go on forever!
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Sep 1, 2014