Iove To See Jeffery Dahmer...

First of all let me say this. I am psychic and a clairovoyant. One, Milwaukee did not give him death penalty which made it hard for people too see the horror earased! Ive had a spirit visitation once by this roaming spirit energy. Movies books and rock bands lived off of him. He said clearly to a few psychic that he needed to travel to another dimension to solve and put the energy to extinction for good! Hes now reborn and this is it! Hes a woman raising 4boys and he is living as a concerned mother for her children. See, thats only his energy but his soul is another identity! The identity he had was put away and now she has a new identity. She said her own conscious couldnt live with his karma. Now its not heaven but another dimension or parallel world. So hes not here. The victims did not feel the pain because they jumped another paralell. They are still living and their identity is around their families! His mother Joyce was also a victim and shes around her other son David! So I would love to see this energy put to rest!
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You're fuckking stupid, he would have killed you & cut up your body....... & yeah, we know he ate, he ate men.... That's the fuckking problem.... & no he didn't love, he looked at people as objects of pleasure; that's all, nothing more... He wasn't even attracted to women, he was GAY, you be another victim, because you'd just be in the way.. You say you have books, documentaries, & etc about him, maybe it's time you actually watch that shitt..

LI wish I could have married jeffery

the reason jeffrey dahmer wasnt given the death penalty is because Wisconsin doesnt HAVE the death penalty.