Go Ahead, Send Me To Hell ......

A friend and I were having a philosophical talk the other day. We agreed....

If there is a " judgement" done after death, by someone other than ourselves, would we end up in " hell?"
After the both of us decided we had led fairly " moral " lives, we also decided:

If I am banished to " hell," I'll go there proudly.... Because the folks in " heaven," including " God " would not be of the standard I would want to hang with anyway.

I am a good person...I do the best I can...I know my internal right and wrong, and I live by it. I make mistakes, I always will, but deep within the very heart of me, I am part of the all.... And if I don't measure up.... " Hey, do we have hotdogs here.... The punishment is no buns! Ok.... I'll cook yours for you.... Do we have marshmallows here? ( gets handed the tiny, baby ones.... )
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Will be reserving a place by the fire for you if I get there first!

Ooooh, toasty!!! Makes creme brûlée .... ( I hope being a smartie doesn't affect my chances )

Nope, I'll be in the Devils Arms, I'll have the drinks and smokes waiting for you too, it should be a riot!

Don't get your hopes up.... You just aren't that bad.... ( do these wings make me look fat?)

I'm an atheist, if I'm wrong, well there's plenty of 'good' Christian folks out there that say I am! It's good job too, I'm freaking fussy about the company I keep!

( sends high 5 gesture for making it into Troll's circle )


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Must be something in the air. I just read something similar:
"I Do Not Believe In Organised Religion Only Organised Kindness", a story by WhimsicalWords about how "I Am Spiritual But Not Religious"
I thought both of you brave; you possibly a little bolder. When we look back over history and see how many people have been killed in the name of religion; something is not right in religious thinking.

" something is NOT right in religious thinking." I will admit this to you Climber: I am very sick of people who profess to be this or that, and can't live it, yet spout it... I like my way better....

Ultimately we are all responsible for the path we chose. With soooo many different religions teaching different philosophies, a bunch of people have to be wrong. Who is right? Most religions have very little tolerance for others and condemn those with other beliefs to some sort of hell including those that believe we keep coming back here till we get it right. At any rate, I sure hope you do not end up in an eternal lake of fire, but if only one religion is correct and God is not merciful there will be a lot of very disappointed people there.

Party down below!!! I'm going to " catch hell" for this... But I thought that was just plain funny... ( hopes friend climber doesn't delete me, cause he's nice and reeeeal smart )

I was going to erase above ^^^ comment when someone PM Ed me to say. " party down below!!!" I'm leaving it because it shows my " innocence . I was referring to " hell " down below, not THAT down below! Sometimes I amaze myself. ( thinks: if I'm gonna be on EP , I'd better get with it ) ( remembers an old Bob Seeger song, come to think of it ) ( blushes )

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Hummmmmmmmm I have to think on this. Brave outlook.. mini

At least you were brave enough to write something Friend.... This must be "odd" thinking for many......