It Depends Who It Is

I like having debates about different agenda's, but I can't stand when my dad or family members give me their oppinion about politics because it always ends up at the same topic : Native people and taxes. In Canada we did not settle with the natives like the States did, we agreed to subsidy them to make up for the horrific experiences they suffered. As far as I'm concerned, the whole agreement needs to be overhauled so that we can aid in rehabilitating the native culture via various social programs. My family, and some friends, are more interested in making the native people pay taxes because they're "stupid useless indians". I cringe whenever the topic comes up because I'm neither ignorant nor racist. I try to change the subject as quickly as possible but more often just have to leave the room before the discussion get out of control and I lose my temper!
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Aug 12, 2010