Love And Loateh Come From The Same Place

Both has to dea with different feelings of the boday love is connected with pleasrure but pain also but pain is connected with loathe but with live also its like the ying yang ****. I cannot love for my family made sure that I never love a gurl in my life they made sure that I realize im a high class in the hindu hierarchy and never learn to  luv any girl even if she was from a lower class family according to the hindu hierarchy. But I cannot keep this act so long that I don't want to pretend to impress them with my personality and achievements. I want to go out feel a womans body, make love and get hurt and start all over again. I'm a normal man as well but is this wrong of me to ask all these stuffs? I wonder whehter I'm
22-25, M
Aug 9, 2010