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Ok so, I really LOVE to write - much like EVERYONE in this group & world - & I was thinking of maybe posting some of my work on this site here. So, tell me what you think of 'em - I'll be posting some of the summaries on here - and if you like 'em, I'll be extremely grateful if you read them and maybe even told some other people about them. Thanks so much & here's some of my stories & what they're about:

I Don't Love You or Do I?:

This story is about a girl, Scarlett, who used to be boy crazy, but now that she's older, she's a wild child. Her parents want to get her married and soon, but she's barely 16. So, they decide to get her at least engaged. Then there's this boy, Caleb, who's cousin is getting married to his...frenemy's younger sister, who really likes Scarlett. So, his parents decide to get him engaged to her. Scarlett hates him and refuses to marry him, but she can't help getting closer to him as the days they spent together and soon she finds out that maybe just maybe he isn't as bad as she thought of him to be. But, is it enough to make her fall in love with him? Find out by reading.

A/N: This is one of my oldest stories & needs some editing to do, so I probably won't be posting it on here as of yet.

The Healings of a Broken Heart:
What would you do if you got your heart broken for the first time ever by a boy that you thought was truly the one for you? Cry for a while and let time heal it? Well, then answer this next question: What would you do if that guy was also going out with two of your best friends? Cry a little longer perhaps? Maybe end your friendship with those two friends of yours?

Well, that's exactly what Saphire Stonez did. She had her heart broken by a guy, named William Dunbar; to her William Dumbar. She found out that her two best friends ever - one named Yumi Ishiyama and the other her cousin, Aelita Schaeffer - who were both oblivious to the fact that there was more than one girl in William's life. Not only did Saphire cry, but she also took a drastic decision. Her decision changed her whole life for the worse.

Now, you must be wondering this: how can one boy, plus one little decision cause so much mayhem in Saphire's life. Well, to find out you're just going have to read from the beginning to the end.

A/N: Oh, & I should probably say it now: some of my stories are actually fanfics based on my one of my fav. tv shows ever - CODE LYOKO!

Mixed 'N' Matched Love:
Nick and Drew are the best of friends. Nick being the Gothic rich girl and Drew your everyday all American boy with not only the looks, but also the sensitivity to drive even the weirdest girls mad for him. Nick has always hid her face from Drew with the fringes of her long bangs, so Drew never go the chance to see how pretty she really is.

But, all that changes when they both find out that they've been both set up for a proposal. What they don't know is that it's with each other. Nick finds out the truth, but Drew doesn't know it's her, since he's never seen her true features. So, he figures it's someone else.

So, without any delay Nick keeps the truth from him and tells him that that girl is none other than her twin sister, Nikki.

And that's how the whole lying game starts out.

Meanwhile, Drew and Nick start to get closer and they even get to share a secret kiss, but Drew can't choose between Nick and Nikki.

And in the end, Nick decides that if he chooses her, then she will tell him the whole truth, but if he chooses Nikki, then she will remain that way for the rest of her life.

Now it's up to Drew to make the final decision which will trigger everything else into place.

What will he choose? And what will Nick do if it's a choice that she could've never even imagined?

A/N: This one actually gotten very far.

Are You the One for Me?:
I have never had a boyfriend nor my first kiss, I have never had the one. For everyone, the one is really important. The one is the person you're really in love with and plan to marry, have kids, grow old, be with them forever and ever, etc. Sometimes people think they have found the one, when really they're just a fake, a heart breaker in disguise.

And those who really are the one, well, what can I say? People are always searching for love, whether it's fake or real. People don't realize who their real one is, it takes a long time for them to find it.

And sometimes when people get a fake love, their lives are changed, sometimes forever.

And sometimes they change back, with a little help from someone special, who might just turn into be the one; their one.

A/N: This one has actually gotten up to the 80s! =)

Romeo & Juliett: A Forbidden Love Story:
1st Summary:

We all know the famous play by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. And we all know how the story goes, there's forbidden love, blood, murder, masquerade balls, etc. my story is similar to that, but there's no blood or murder. Romeo and Juliett have known each other since childhood and have hated each other. When Juliette moves, she faces a big loss, and loses both her parents in an accident. And she is then forced to move into Romeo's house. Neither know what change has overcome the other or what will happen in that big 'ole house.

2nd Summary:

Romeo and Juliett have known each other since they were kids and have also hated each other. But, when Juliett comes back to live with him after facing such a horrible tragedy, can he make her feel better about it? Or will their relationship be forever filled with hate?

A/N: This one I've completed & yes, I meant to spell her name with a double t instead of a single.

In ♥ With a Tomboi:
A guy falls for a tomboi and helps her get through her life. But, who's going to help him when a sudden tragedy falls and that girl isn't here to help him anymore?

A/N: I know not really much of a summary, it's pretty short, but it's a really good story that I've also completed & am currently working on a sequel & a prequel & also another part of it - all at the same time, which is not really a good thing, but I still do it. & I know how to spell, by the way, but I just prefer to write tomboy with an 'i' instead of a 'y'.

Falling For My Best Friend's Sister:
A boy falls in love with his best friend's sister, but soon realizes it's not too easy being with someone who's been through so much in her life.

A/N: The title basically just describes the whole story, but that's not really all that happens, there's a lot of twists & turns & action in this story - you wouldn't really think so because of the title, but there is.

& finally - yeah, I know, that's A LOT of stories:

New Story:
A young woman who lives in an orphanage to take care of young kids tells them stories that'll help shape their lives and imagination. One day though, she tells them the story about a young girl named Sammy who's been through a lot in her whole life starting from her high school years.

A/N: Also called: The Story of Us.

Well, that's about all of them, pick out the one(s) you liked the most & tell me what you think of them! =D
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