I Love To Write

I will start out to say that I love writing all kinds of material and subjects that this world has to offer.

Back in high school I loved it so much I wrote the stories for plays in drama club. I seem to have a good imagination for skits,plays and writing true stories on people. Given the time to write during the week is like a summer vacation in my mind. I can go to any spot in the world to visit with my imagination,paper and a pen. And there is no cost involved to do what I love best.

I use to get with my mother and she would tell me her life's story with little history behind it. I was amazed at all the history and events that she once had lived. I did this for a good reason so our family could have a family Bible for each one of us to hand down to others as time went by. So we all could know our family's history and who they once were. I think that it gets forgotten in family's if this is not done.

Thank goodness I'm able to do this for my family and myself. It's a great hobby to have.



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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

What a beautiful family tradition!