Wearing A Rubber Latex Penis Sheath

I bought my partner a rubber latex penis sheath to surprise him and for us to try in the bedroom. There were a few available frmo those that would encase only his penis to some that would go over his penis and balls. I opted for one that went over his penis and balls, they call them **** and ball sheaths or C&B sheaths. It was black moulded rubber of a fairly thick gauge - not too much that it wouldn't stretch and no too thin that it would lose its elasticity to grip his manhood. It had an anatomical feel to it, so it had visible and textured veins and a head just like his penis.

He is of average length and girth and the **** and ball sheath I bought was 13cm long - a little too small but that's part of the idea - to make sure it grips his **** and balls reallt tightly to increase his sensitivity when hard.

He got undressed and I presented him with his present. He started to get hard so I set about pulling on the sheath over his semi-hard **** which was fairly easy as he didn't yet have a full-on erection.

That soon changed as he slipped his penis into the sheath his manhood went hard almost immediately filling the sheath with his throbbing **** all the way to the end. The moulded rubber veins and penis head gripped him firmly adding an extra dimension and feel as I lightly stroked him up and down (not too much as I didn't want him to *** yet).

As the particular sheath I bought had to go over his balls as well, I asked him to get on all fours so that his balls would swing freely away from his body allowing easy access to stretch the ball bag over him. I felt super dominant at this stage having full control over him.

The sheath had a slightly thicker opening to it that would grip the base of his **** and balls firmly making his erection harder by restricting the blood flow into his hard ****. The opening was about 2" in diameter which seemed enough.

I really had to stretch the opening to get it over his balls. It was slightly cold in the room so they had contracted a bit making the job a little easier to get the sheath over his shaven balls. Once on the sheath gripped the base of his penis and balls tightly but with just enough elasticity in the rubber to release him if he desired. I didn't use any lube on him as the sheath may have slipped off during play.

He was ready and I set about teasing him with my hands and mouth also using a small vibrator. This story only has one ending and I can assure you it was just as pleasurable for him as it was for me. Suffice to say I left him in the sheath to let him recover and we went again, this time he was inside me with the sheath on - pure latex heaven!
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I have one too, and it gives a great feeling! I just recently started wearing it again, and it has renewed my interest in latex C&B sheaths!

I wish I had a woman that would do me like that. makes me hot just thinking about how that would feel.

I also have one love the feel of having my wife strokes me.

There is another sheath sold by Twist My Rubber Arm which comes in a 1 mm gauge rubber. Here is their description:Thick latex penis sheath with an integrated draining tube.
The base of the **** and ball sheath has a built-in **** ring.
Latex thickness: .04" (1 mm).

This sheath has no veins and base surface inside. It too is hard to fill with two testicles if the penis is not flaccid. But the sensation is superb since the two is slightly conical. As the penis fills the blood it is forced into an ever smaller diameter space. At first I thought I would not like it, but with the use has become my favorite release. I wish my wife felt the same as you about these things.


I love to wear a latex C/B sheath too. Three of my latex catsuits are fully footed and gloved and have an attached hood and C/B sheath. I found that "Twist My Rubber Arm" sells a model like you describe molded in thin latex. It fits snug but, because the latex is thinner, it doesn't squeeze me so hard and is comfortable to wear for as long as I like. Everyone has different sized equipment though. I'm not huge, but I'm not small either. I find these ones feel great for as long as I want to wear them.<br />
<br />
As for using lube in them, I love the way it makes the sheath feel on me. It feels so slippery and sexy as the smooth latex glides over my hard and hairless rod. I made a fairly thick rubber band, a little over a half inch (2 cm) wide using a ***** of latex and glue and wrapping it several times around a tube to form it. The band is just the right size that, when stretched over my **** and balls too, that they won't slip back past the band. It's latex, so I can stretch it to get it on. When it is settled in place the unstretched size is just right to fit me and keep me in place without putting any squeezing pressure on me. I put this on first, before putting on my suit and sliding myself into the sheath. I am also shaved so there isn't any hair pulling there. I shave my whole body anyway. The feel of latex against my hairless skin is an added turn on for me!<br />
<br />
I love the way the sheath feels, cupping my balls and holding them snug, out and away from my body! It feels soooo fantastic when my Boyfriend takes me from behind through the button hole opening in the rear of my suit and reaches around and cups my latex covered balls in his hand or strokes me in the slippery lubed up sheath!<br />
<br />
We love to do it bareback, so his suit has the penis part of the C/B sheath cut off. Having the pouch part of the sheath that is attached to his suit left lets him enjoy that feeling too, and his balls being held snugly out and away from his body feels soooo good as they contact me while he is thrusting into me!I

I am waiting for a sheath from twistmyrubber arm right now. I am curious to see how well it stays on under ordinary clothes. I plan to wear it with a woman's latex body suit with neck entry from rubber uncle in Thailand. The body suit has built in bermuda shorts, so it may serve as a top for a pair of leggings I had made by Angeldis.

I would love it If my wife got me one! You are a very special woman and have a very lucky man.

Don't leave the rubber **** and ball sheath on too long,the restricted blood flow is dangerous if left too long.Enjoy the pleasure,then remove it.

You're right, it does sound like pure latex heaven :)