My Girlfriend An I In Our Latex Pantys

my girlfriend an I would end up in bed as soon as she gots here.She has a body that is made for wearing latex pantys an she knows it.I just love to watch her ***** off her clothing down to her beautiful full cut latex pantys which she knows droves me crazy.I love it when she walks up to me gragging my head an shoves my face right between her legs saying(this is all yours) then I started to suck on her latex covered beaver which I new would drive her to cream in her latex pantys.We would lie there making love to eachother till our pantys were full of our love juices then lieing on top of eachother licking eachothers pantys an beavers until we both fell asleep from exaustion.Most of the time this went on for hours.When we were done we would get in the shower washing each others beaver and latex pantys.After drying an powdering our pantys we would help eachother into our own pantys then lie back in bed fondling eachother till we fell asleep.THIS IS SO TRUE
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Jan 7, 2013