I have loved her and lost her and continue to love her... Long distance did not work out for me and her, 1000 miles is too far, apparently. After a year of phone calls and letters and one meeting, we broke it off, we still talk... but it hurts, i know how miserable she is and she knows how miserable i am... i wish i had the courage and strength to pursue this relationship again... for now though it seems that all i can do is sit here, think, remember, cry, and lie about how i feel...

AKtwitch AKtwitch
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

Persist... The greatest love you have is yourself because you are with yourself always, whereas others cannot be there... Pursue it, if you can. But sometimes things don't work out, especially if the other person is not willing to work it out... There is so much more to live for besides the romantic relationship. Maybe things happen for a reason, and maybe there is another person out there for you. They say true love happens when you least expect it.