While I Was Making Myself Dinner

I started by playing with my tight hole with my little starter tube lubed up my *** and all the skin around it... bobbed it around and around dipped it all the way in played for a few minutes and then i suctioned my vibrator to the toilet seat and put a condom on it lubed it up nice and well and pulled the tube out of my now more relaxed and excited hole started to squat over it and rubbed the head on my hole applied a bit of pressure and got the head in and applied a bit more pressure to sink in a bit more then let it pop all the way back out.. then back down and back off... then back down and sunk in about an inch more and up and down and up and down... then got down to about as low as i could get without actually sitting on it and felt a bit of discomfort so let off on the pressure and then started to slip on my panties and very carefully grabbed the toy and it had slipped out a bit and got the panties mostly on and pushed it in a bit and pulled them up and went to go tend to my food. walked around my place a bit and had it on full vibe could feel my legs tingling every once and a while i felt that pressure get to me so i after a few more minutes went back and took the panties off and re-suctioned it to the toilet and road the top bit a bit then walked around my place naked dealing with my kitchen and a few other things, went back added a bit more lube and sat down slowly on it... feeling it slide nicely down got to the point where the discomfort was before and got right passed it, sat almost completely down with it on full vibrate and balls vibing my prostate from the outside and put the panties back on and held it completely in me. i walked around and finished off my food and let it cool down then i went and sat back down on it in the bathroom and then moved it over to the edge of the bath tub and sat back and rocked back and forth and played with myself till i came all over. it was fantastic.
jackmcfly jackmcfly
26-30, M
Sep 11, 2012