Six Hours of Self Intimacy


For the past two weeks I have not had any alone time. There were a couple of association meetings and 3 trips to the home improvement store.  The weather was cooperating and I needed to get the roof done. I ask no help from anyone. I did it myself. Today the clouds were moving in. I was tired and looking for a reward for myself but wanted to get out and back before the falling weather started.    After arriving home, I got naked and began touching myself in various places. Since things had to be stored I went on with the task at hand. It was about 1125hr when I finished.   Obtaining the Ivory Lube from the cabinet, I get a big dab and rub on my anis insuring the passage walls are lubed too. Inserting a couple of syringes of warm water into me and expelling it then I repeat that to get rid of those hunks that get in the way. I lube up again and prepare a 2qt sudsy enema. I get comfortable in the tub on an exercise mat, and an inflatable bath pillow. Using a 6½ inch nozzle I let the warm (about 100° F) start to fill my longing enterers, ahhhh when to bag is empty I massage my tummy and feel the sloshing inside. This is about a 45 minutes for this one.   The next I choose the JBL. This one has a capacity of 5qt. I only put in about 3½ to 4. Lubed up, I take a sit down. I like to use lotion on my lower tummy as I began to fill up to stop cramps and keep the fill comfortable. About half way through the bag as I am kneading and lifting on the lower belly it starts to feel jelly-like. I could say that it even tickles a bit inside as I move the liquid around.   This enema is usually a bit more than an hour.   I followed this JBL fill with 2qt. salt water fill. Need a rinse. Enemas let me experience such a wonderful sensation inside.  But……. my anis does not want more water.   By this time my insides are clean and agonize for more and my anis is yearning for attention. It usually takes about 20 minutes to get my set-up fixed. But just to please my backdoor I insert an anal balloon, and squeeze the inflator 3-4 times. Then at last, the anal probe is standing up like the member I got ‘that don’t’. I use some ‘Wet’ lube on it and lie down on my back and holding my legs high I let the balloon slide out still inflated.   Guide the probe to its mark.  Let it easy on up. I tease myself. Just let in a little at a time and almost out and back till the whole 9 inches is inside and I’m working it. In&out—round&round—side-to-side—slow! Oh! Tantalizing! Ahhhhh! A little faster. Slower. Deep. ↔↕↔ Note, with my setup I do not have to hold anything and my hands are free to do whatever.  I can feel the intensity building. After an hour or so the sensation is wonderful and after about another ½ hour there is an organism, Oh, Oh, I seize my inter thighs and pull, Ahhhh! Oh, Oh!! That immaculate sensation—up inside there is a release and waves of pleasant pass over my body,a sense of total fulfillment.  χstasy!  My body is so relaxed, I’m motionless, and am lying on a sweat socked towel. When I regain composure it was 1830hr. I think my actual thought processes went in natural.   I satisfactorily rewarded myself. I ♫♥♫ me and thank myself. Tell me a good ‘juicy’ --one on yourself.
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Berrney;That is what I ‘d call a ‘QUICKIE’ !*#!%!

i made a ***** fit on a blade of a jigsaw the fast pounding of my *** got me off fast . when my *** **** my legs get shakey and the feeling of my *** tightening up on the ***** and relaxing very fast. then it happens i pull my legs up and it tightens up and i moan as the feeling gets stronger.oh yes it feels so good that i let out a scream of pleasure. then i lay there getting my head back together .starting over till it happens again.

That is inventive. I have made a lot of devices I NEEDED to pleasure myself. As an idea you can use wrap ob<x>jects with surgical tubing. Let your imagination run in the pluming dept of Lowe’s or Home Depot.

well i love doing my self, i just love it !i make a home made dilldo , i get a wire hanger pull down in the middel to strighten it out then i bend it in the middel so that its stright , then i get a towel lay it down and put the hanger at the front of towel so that thers maybe 2inc of hanger not on the towel, then fold the towel long ways and roll the towel tight with the hanger in it ,rolling it nice and tight till its the thikness of an empty paper towel roll,,, ,,some time even biger. then i put a magnum condom on it ,or two to make sure the condom wont break ,,,, usually its 10 inc long and 8 inc round ,,it workes out very nice and soft and flexabel ,,, then go in the shower and clean my anel out ,,, put some pron on and go to town

The thing about self induced penetration and a machine is self-controlled motion, depth speed and angle is more fulfilling to me. I am all for comfort. And I like to have deficit without pain.

the big "C"? wow that's scary. one thing about going solo is that you do exactly what your body likes and is asking for. i invested in a little machine that takes the work out of it. i like enemas too and i like to fast train my "male *****" before i start the loving. twenty minutes to half hour on yhe machine gives me multiple ******* and a very sore anal canal (yes, i lube like crazy) but it's worth every second. if Mandy is watching she likes to use her ******* on me after i finish. she likes to see me squirm with my sore ***.

FYI—this is the way I get off. <br />
I went to the urologist (2 or so years ago). He told me I had the “C” word. All healed up after surgery—it doesn’t come up any more. I am horny and cannot do anything about it. And the old lady don’t care and will not touch, must think I’m contagious or poison. (See more in ‘sexless ‘ group)

That was a great story....I Love alone time and ******* myself