Just Ani

I first heard about Ani about two or three years ago. My brother in law came in rushing in the house, and turned on the radio, and told me that I had to listen to this artist. It was a live performance by Ani in NPR. I was not able to listen well, given that the radio signal was going in and out. I moved on, and I completely forgot about her. I can't remember how I rediscovered her, I believe it was the movie Better than Chocolate or YouTube, I can't be sure. All I know is that I fell in love with Ani, I listen to her everyday, and this is not an exageration. It seems that she jsut has a perfect song for every ocassion, every mood. She has a way to make me smile when I listen to her, when I'm sad or mad, I listen to her and she calms me down. This is very strange to me, because I get tire of singers, not because the lack talent, but rather because their lyrics just don't surprise me anymore. But it Ani is different, I could have heard the song a million times, and yet I could still be surprise by what she is saying! I have rediscover songs through this way, and it is a great feeling, she makes me say "what did you just said?" Sometimes I laugh by myself when this happens. Well, I guess that all I have to say is that Ani is great, and she has helped me deal with some stuff things, that I problably wouldn't have been able to deal with as easy as I did, if it wasn't for ther music. I greatly admire her work.

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Mar 11, 2010