I Married The Cat

Married the cat!!!!!.... ?????  you may be thinking but it all happened quite naturally and  became a source of  great amusement for family and friends.  I love all my animals but for some reason cats hold a special place in my heart.  I can tell who is who just by the smell of their fur.  I love their beautiful streamlined little bodies and the way they walk around on their high heeled dainty  paws.  I love their beautiful eyes and have a great collection of lost whiskers. ( i find them on the floor when i vacumm,  i wonder if i'm the only one on this planet who collects them? )   I love the purring sound they make when snuggled up next  to me and contrary to stories about them being haughty i find them extremely loyal and loving, especially  the toms. I shared my home  with a (one of 6)beautiful  striped, green cross eyed male tabby named "Rupert"'.  One day i was rolling around on the floor with him, scatching his tummy and praising him for his gentleness and lovely nature when all of a sudden  i realised he had the qualites of the purrrfect (pardon the pun) man.  So i announced to all .... " I'm marrying the cat. "  This was meet with great hilarity, the shaking of heads (wondering what 's she coming up with NOW?!!) and rolling of eyes. "  Why " ?  they asked,  so here came my answer.  "  Well, he does't go to the pub... He always eats what i dish up without moaning......he's kind and gentle...... we love each other.....he doesn"t hog the TV remote.....he doesn't trash the house (not quite true cause he shredded the drapes)..... he loves a cuddle....he's got a nice furry chest and most of all.... he doesn't fart in bed. Pretty good reasons i thought!  So from that day onwards he was known as MY HUSBAND. Whenever he did something that meet with disapproval there were cries of YOUR HUSBAND'S on the bench or YOUR HUSBAND"S brought in a dead bird or YOUR  HUSBAND"S  pooped in the corner... We spent many happy years together  then one day he got sick .  He was only 11 when he  developed cancer and i had to do one of the hardest things ever.  I had to have him put to sleep.  It broke my heart and i cried for days. I miss my "HUSBAND" everyday.

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Funny and sad in one story, but memories that will last your lifetime. <br />
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The positive side, a cat husband pooping in the corner makes a hell of a smaller mess than a human husband would. :)

thanks : )

Awww very sweet story Tgilly.....I'm sorry you lost your " husband "when he was still so young. :)

oh oh i've entered this in the wrong group, it's supposed to be under Pets and Animals. I will try to change it but if it doesn't work it certainly wasn't some kinky story for the Mature discussions.