The Lord God Made Them All

I do love animals.  I have had by far closer relationships with animals than with humans throughout my life.  I am an adult survivor of child abuse, and during my childhood- animals were my main friends. 

I currently share my home and heart with:

4 dogs (3 poodles, 1 Maltese)

1 ancient calico cat

2 Australian white tree frogs

1 bearded dragon

1 guinea pig

3 hermit crabs

1 green anole

3 rats

a lot of crickets to feed the reptiles/amphibians

75 gallon fish tank

ornamental pond w/ 8 large goldfish and as many frogs/toads as I can entice

20 chickens

3 rabbits

and 3 horses

I feel so privileged to have all these critters in my life.  A great many of them have been rescues, and I rescue as many stray/wild animals as I can. 

Last year, my kids and I fostered a puppy from the animal shelter whose mother had been shot by some psychotic idiot human.  She was so beautiful; her eyes weren't even opened yet when we got her, and we had a good start on potty training by the time she left us.  It was hard to give her back, but felt so good to know we had kept her alive.  A few months before that, we were able to foster a baby raccoon, whose mother (again) was shot by some insane human.

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Aww, that is really great. I love to hear about people like you. I helps with my misanthropic tendencies. I only have one Beagle, one cat and one rat and they keep me super busy, so hats off to you for all you do!

Thank you. They are a lot of work, but always worth it.<br />
<br />
Since that posting, I have acquired a pair of Sugar Gliders- who had a baby!!! So totally cool!

*blush* Wow; thank you! My daughter wants to have an animal rescue farm/horse ranch when she grows up.

Nice Job!My dream,is to open an Animal Rescue Facility.I People like you,make a difference.Animals,if they could talk, would thankyou.I love animals more than people too.I would save all of them if I could too.Keep up the great work.