Animals And Nature

           I love animals and nautre. Its fun watching Hummoing birds fight over food. When there is more then one feeder for them. They seem to like the same feeder. Humming birds also seem to think  that the one feeder that they like is theirs. So they wil fight over it. I laugh at them and tell them to fight. As long as they leve my head a lone. They have dived at my head this summer.
            I also have enjoyed watching all of  the chipmuncks. They like to hurry when ever they are in the sun. They love to play in the shade. Chipmunck have also played on the rocks that we have. They think that teh rocks are fun to play on. Now they have fourt kittens that chase them. I also like the baby animals that come out in  the spring time. Its fun seeing all of them. They like to follow mama all around. Spring is the best time of year to enjoy the animals and nature. I think people should go up in the mountiens in the spring time and see all of teh baby animals.

acjf acjf
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010