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My D-i-l asked me to come for another week, to help with the Grandies as she has to do a training course.
We decided to go to the Zoo for the day, and her dad and brother elected to join us. It was a lovely day. After spending what feels like a quarter of my life in the wild bush of Africa, watching animals in their natural habitat, it is strange going to a zoo. I am not opposed to the type we have here. The animals are not in little bare cages, as far as possible, they are in huge habitats, have close to their natural vegetation, etc. People get to see them, watch their behaviour and hopefully bond. The animals that are on the endangered list are part of International Breeding schemes. So it is a win/win situation.
The highlight for me was a 13 day old baby elephant. Unfortunately mum rejected the little one, but she is being adored by her public and keepers.
My Grandie got her trunk examining his ears and face and he got to touch her and see her really close up! He was thrilled. Only a few lucky children were allowed near. The rest of us were kept at a distance. He's the boy on his haunches in a striped shirt.
Many of the habitats are undergoing revamps and replanting. So we missed a few things. But it was lovely!
Problem is, I can barely walk today; age is catching up on me! X@
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Hi VFP, I'm so grateful for all my animal experiences and sooo aware of the privilege! X@

Thanks my lovelies! X@

Yes, the zoo in our city is a billion times better than it used to be and can be a pleasure to visit.