Live Christmas Gifts?

I just read a question about people who want a puppy for Christmas, and it reminded me of the report I once read at an animal shelter. The statistics are,  there are more animals given to shelters in the months following Christmas than any other time. People don't think it through carefully. They may buy a pet for someone else without reviewing if that person can care for the animal well enough. People buy without thinking whether they have the ability to train or the financial security to care for their animal, among other things. 

Please, please spread the word this Christmas NOT to buy a pet as a gift unless you are 100% sure you are able to care for the animal for the duration of it's life. That could be many years.

All pet stores should display notices to that effect. In fact, that's one thing I can do to help. I will put pen to paper and write to as many pet stores in my area as I can, asking them to please display notices about the long term care of animals. Maybe we could all do that each Christmas? Thanks :-)
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Dec 9, 2011