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The Prey

As the morning's first light spreads across
The dry, sun scorched grass
The cotton tail emerges
From under the brush
He has survived another night
The fox and coyote
Into the day's light
A rustle, ears up and taut, heart racing
Be still, or run?
Just a squirrel, not
The Predator
Humanity awakens
The threat pivots
From the carnivore to The Wheel.

Mary1283 Mary1283 26-30, F 3 Responses Jul 18, 2012

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Love this! Wonderful. The pivoting threat......fantastic twist at the end. Thank you.

DinahMoe, thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this story and comment. Thank you, thank you.

This is Lovely.

This is great Mary. For a moment I am the rabbit. Be vewy vewy quiet.

LMAO! *whack* you'll have Mary get vewy scawy to write again! *whack*... ... but yes, Mary... this is awesome poetry. A moment in their lives that you have captured brilliantly. *applauds Mary* *whacks Gee again*

Damn. Wabbit wasn't qwiet enough. Getting whacked by Smilfy. She looks good bald too. See!

Faerie is not bald! LOL! And you can't see me... nyah! :P***

Thank you both. I was out running a dawn one day and saw the rabbits starting to emerge. I have seen foxes and coyotes, too, but they're nocturnal *Mary thinks that's right ... thinks back to her biology class...foxes are nocturnal?* Anyway, it made for a good story.

I want a t-shirt that says "Foxes are nocturnal but Honey Badger's don't care"

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