The Baby Shrew And My Depression

We thought he was a mouse at first. Soooo tiny. A friend of my bf brought him around to the house wrapped in tissue. Unwrapping the paper gently, I saw the tinniest little creature! It must have bean about the size of my thumb nail <3 The guys called him Gaston (from beauty and the beast) and the name stuck.
After a few phone calls and trips to the vets, I was equip with several seringes and goats milk that I had to feed him with every hour, and cotton buds to rub his belly with warm water afterwards to help him digest.
All through the night I had my alarm set every 60 mins, and every day I'd have to take him out with me wherever I went - Sitting his 'tub/house' ontop of a hot water bottle to keep him warm of course!
I had Gaston for 4 nights; after which I realised I couldn't go another night with disturbed sleep, as I was starting to feel quite ill. Then I gave him to a wild life sanctuary 40 mins drive away from my town.

I may have only had him for a small part of his life, and although I have his reference number I am too scared to phone up and ask if he lived... but that little shrew gave me a purpose in life and lifted my mood higher than money or items ever could. :D Nature cures me.
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thats nice and it helps alot...

Great story.

Awww, what a wonderful story! Nature is truly wonderful~