Victims...arent We All..

I used to work for WIRES in NSW as the snake (my favourite animal) handler..wires is native animal rescue. Care and release organisation..was doing landscaping at a place near Coffs Harbour and i caught a Land Mullet (largest skink in oz) beautiful jet black skink...this lizard was heavily scarred from dog and cat attacks...i decided to release it in the national park nearby...i always figured the reptile had more chance fighting with its own for new territory rather than tangle with humans evev though i knew i had broken its songline...well i was just about to take this land mullet away when a neighbour called out.."what are you doing you cant take that ,its here for our pleasure" i am blunt when i wanna be..told him to get stuffed and kept walking...thank you for your and peace..writing on a short break at work..xxxooo
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Love this... You have one big heart :)

thank you for your kind words..i feel there are heaps of big hearts out there..some just have open wishes love and peace to you my friend..xo

sorry i mean 'to open them'

My friend, you are in New South Wales, a land of enormous spiritual fertility. I have a wonderful friend in my circle who is from Tasmania, and years ago her family lived in NSW. She told me a very interesting story about a phenomenon her sister watched then. I am extremely interested in paranormal phenomena and ufos too--- I wonder if you have any stories that you wouldn´t mind sharing? Thank you so much... Love and peace to you to. xo